Providing a digital platform for fast, easy and affordable self-COVID-19 testing on both Android and IOS mobile platforms 

Free for all businesses with 250+ employees when purchased with our products

Cloud Data Capture via a recorded Photo of Test Result

Client Dashboard for managing and monitoring testing
• Easy to navigate user-friendly interface
• User Group Authentication
• Instantly share data with relevant stakeholders

Map Visualisation
• Geotagged, time-stamped results and interactive maps
• Monitor test results in different locations

Data Confidence & Security
All data collected is fully Secure, GDPR compliant and is data fully controlled by your organisation.

New features Coming soon
• Multi Site Dashboard Functionality
• Digital Test Result Interpretation (DTRI)
• Auto PCR in App Booking & Testing
• Vaccine and Digital Passport integration
• Fit to Fly Certificates

IVD Connect™ App

IVD Connect is a purpose-built end-to-end digital platform for all your organisations diagnostics and screening. Offering secure reader connectivity, it transforms traditional Lateral Flow IVD tests into web connected diagnostics with accessible, shareable data. It provides businesses a unique digital data management tool featuring:

End user data collection app
Collect test data & improve the experience for your end users who are testing at work or at home.

Live data & results tracking
Monitor data trends, results and outbreaks in real-time to enhance response time & disease control.

Scalable data management
Capture, store and manage your reader-generated data for research & commercial purposes

New features and functionality at no extra cost
Free updates and no ongoing service charges

Future integration with 3rd Party technologies
Vaccine Certificates, digital passports and NHS track and trace

Provided free for companies with 250+ employees
Provides all the features and benefits our IVD Connect digital platform with no upfront or ongoing costs to your organisation.

Pay as you go testing
No subscription or weekly fees at just £0.25 per test for companies less than 250 employees.